I love buying candles which are reasonably priced, excellent quality, made in NZ and are natural.


Ecolyte soy melts are versatile because you can choose a fragrance to suit your mood. As I have a kitchen/lounge I use the melts after cooking and all cooking smells disappear very quickly, filling my room with delicate fragrance.

S.N. Auckland

I have really loved the candles and melts that I got from you and got lovely feedback from the people who received them as presents from me!

Diane W

Isha refills my glass jars with her fabulous fragrances and I like that I can choose which ever one I feel like at the time.


Fun, happy learning environment – perfect for teaching a new skill. Isha is a real people person and this is reflected in her informal class.



Tea Lights

Regular tea lights are cheap, made in a factory overseas using paraffin, last for a couple of hours and often don't burn at all!

Wouldn't you rather use hand-poured soy tea lights, made in NZ in a range of fragrances, with a burn time of up to 7 hours?

Containers are re-useable clear polycarbonate and the wicks are pure cotton.

20 tea lights are presented in an attractive white organza bag.

You can choose from unscented in 'natural' colour, French Pear in lime green, Lavender Fields in purple, Rose Garden in pink, Gourmet Vanilla in yellow or Champagne & Strawberries in red.

Or if you can't decide which of the exquisite fragrances to choose, order an assorted bag with 4 of each of the 5 fragrances.

For orders of 50+ you may choose from any of the available fragrances in natural colour

Discounts available on orders of 50 or more of a single fragrance or unscented. Please contact me for a quote.

T001 French Pear Tea Lights

french pear tealights 2019


T002 Rose Garden Tea Lights

rose garden tealights 2019


T003 Gourmet Vanilla Tea Lights

vanilla tealights 2019


T004 Lavender Tea Lights

lavender fields tealights 2019


T005 Assorted Tea Lights

assorted tealights 2019


T006 Unscented Tea Lights

unscented tealights 2019


T007 Champagne & Strawberries Tea Lights

champagne tealights 2019


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