Isha refills my glass jars with her fabulous fragrances and I like that I can choose which ever one I feel like at the time.


Ecolyte soy melts are versatile because you can choose a fragrance to suit your mood. As I have a kitchen/lounge I use the melts after cooking and all cooking smells disappear very quickly, filling my room with delicate fragrance.

S.N. Auckland

Fun, happy learning environment – perfect for teaching a new skill. Isha is a real people person and this is reflected in her informal class.


I love buying candles which are reasonably priced, excellent quality, made in NZ and are natural.


I have really loved the candles and melts that I got from you and got lovely feedback from the people who received them as presents from me!

Diane W


about 2019About Ecolyte and Soy Candles

My name is Isha Edwards and as a practitioner of Wholistic Therapies, my focus is on using only natural and chemical-free products around my home and my clients.

Like many other people, I used regular paraffin candles without really appreciating the potentially harmful effects of the toxins in those candles.

Then in 2005 I was introduced to soy candles and immediately began making my own when I saw how easy it was. Since then it has been my mission to inform people of the benefits of using soy candles and to offer quality products for sale at realistic prices.

So why use soy candles?

  • Soy wax is made from soya beans, a renewable natural resource that supports and sustains agriculture
  • Soy wax is biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Soy wax candles burn up to 50% longer than traditional paraffin candles
  • Soy wax candles burn without smoke or soot
  • Soy wax candles carry exquisite scents without the need for chemicals
  • Soy wax is completely non-toxic, unlike paraffin wax which is suspected of emitting trace amounts of toxic carcinogens when burning
  • Soy wax is easy to clean up
  • Containers wash out with hot soapy water and spills wash out easily
  • Soy wax candles burn cooler than paraffin candles and disperse the fragrance more fully

My candles are hand-poured with love in a variety of beautiful fragrances and containers to maximize their appeal.

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