I love buying candles which are reasonably priced, excellent quality, made in NZ and are natural.


Ecolyte soy melts are versatile because you can choose a fragrance to suit your mood. As I have a kitchen/lounge I use the melts after cooking and all cooking smells disappear very quickly, filling my room with delicate fragrance.

S.N. Auckland

Isha refills my glass jars with her fabulous fragrances and I like that I can choose which ever one I feel like at the time.


Fun, happy learning environment – perfect for teaching a new skill. Isha is a real people person and this is reflected in her informal class.


I have really loved the candles and melts that I got from you and got lovely feedback from the people who received them as presents from me!

Diane W


Glass Containers

G001 Opaque Medium Metro

Opaque Medium Metro

200mls 9cm high x 7 cm wide. Burn time up to 40 hours


Your chosen fragrance

G002 Kitchen Candle

G001 Kitchen Candle

The aroma of fresh lemon and cool lemon grass can assist in neutralising cooking odours, making your kitchen smell clean and fresh.

185mls, 9.5cm high x 7cm wide. Burn time up to 35 hours


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